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Removable Head Boring Bar System

The Monkula Removable Head boring bar system is one of the most flexible & user friendly boring bar system available in today's market. By matching the unique properties of the Monkula patented anti-vibration boring bars, with Monkula removable cutting heads, customers have a truly flexible solution to their many internal machining applications.

Monkula Anti-vibration boring bars are available from 16mm diameter to 250mm diameter, & in anti-vibration ratios from 6 x D to 14 x D. All bars are manufactured with Monkula's patented anti-vibration damping system & are produced in their own manufacturing plant. Removable heads are manufactured from size CH-1 (16mm) to CH-5 (40mm), & fit directly onto the corresponding bars up to 40mm diameter. Bars of 50mm, 60mm, & 80mm are adapted to use the CH-5 (40mm) heads. Bars of 100mm & above can also use the CH-5 head with an additional adaptor or can be produced with heads directly matching the bars diameter, this depends on customer requirements & the application involved. Larger diameter bars also have the option to use an adaptor that can accommodate square shank tool holders, again depending on customer requirements & application.

50mm Bar With CH-5 Head Using CNMG 1204 Insert
80mm Bar With CH-5 Head Using TCMT 1604 Insert
100mm Bar Adaptor With CH-5 Head Using Ic1 Threading Insert
100mm Bar Adaptor With CH-5 Head Using DCMT 1604 Insert

Check head attachment area on bar

Remove Screws & Align Cutting Head to bar

Check head Align Ment is Correct, Insert Screws & tighten