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Rust Preventive Oils

Worlds Best Rust Preventives - upto 5 years Corrosion Prevention

Rust-X Rust Preventive Oils are engineered to provide tbest protection for domestic and export of metals and non-metals.
Domestic Series - Solvent Based 135 C 2-3 microns 137C 2-3 microns 135E 4-5 microns Dry Type, Multiple applications
Export Series - Solvent Based 135A-Ex <1 microns 137C 2-3 microns 135E-Ex 4-5 microns Dry Type VCI Oils, Multiple applications
Export Series - Heavy Duty Rust-X 30 <5 Microns Rust-X 32<10 Microns Excellent for acidic environments
Heavy Duty Series - Waxy Film HD5 = 15 Microns HD7 = 25 Microns Excellent for acidic environments
Tectonic - Hard Film Tectonic 506 - 25 microns - Dark Brown Hard Film Hard film, scrathless, weather proof
Solvent Less Rust Preventives 120A = 1-2 Microns 132A = 4-5 Microns 145A = 8-10 Microns Auto Spray & Electro Static applications
Aluminium Rust Preventives CL002 <1 microns Rust Prevention for Aluminium
Tube and Wire Mills 137 C 2-3 microns Short Term Protection for tubes & wires

Water Based RP Economical water based series for emulsions in water

Water based RP oils have to be mixed in DM water and then dried in oven at 80 C for 3-5 minutes
WRP050 Conc 6-10% in water Rust prevention for upto 6 months
WRP 911 - Ready to use Medium Film Forming Can be used for final product

Rust Removers Rust Converters and Removers

Rusted components can be retained back by the process of rust removers, then neutralization and finally applying rust preventive oils
NEUTRASAFE Neutral pH rust remover For Ferrous and Non Ferrous
RR 100 Transparent acidic solution For Ferrous and Non Ferrous
RR 500

Transparent solution Slight acidic

For Ferrous parts only

Rust Preventive Additive Water based Rust Preventive Additive

Rust Preventive Additive can be used in variety of applications for corrosion prevention where water is used as a medium. It can be used in leak testing operations , coolant tanks , water washing etc.
RPA 4500 Multi application RP additive

Washing Medias Component washing fluids

Washing medias are used to clean parts after operation and obtain low millipore values
Solvent based cleaner CL000=No Protection , CL005=upto 1 week Protection Manual , Ultrasonic & Pressure washing
Water based Cleaner

Aquaflush AQ03

Aquaflush Vibrox

Premium product, low milipore, 1-3%

Excellent cleaning & Rust Protection

Used in high pressure machines

Used in Vibro machines

Vanishing Oil Cleaning agent and Light Rust Preventive

Vanishing oil V40=2 cST Low odour Oil for cleaning and is a replacement to conventional cleaning media like diesel, kerosene etc
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